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Baking and Business Confidence

Krissy Quinton baking business coach and wedding cake designer

Welcome to
The Baking Business Lounge!

Dreaming of turning your love for baking into a thriving business?

Look no further! I have been running a cake business since 2016 and specialise in empowering hobby bakers to transform their kitchen creations into a successful home-based baking business.

Already in the baking business but craving growth and confidence?

I've got you! I can offer established bakers and cake makers the tools to streamline operations, market effectively, and navigate the challenges of running a successful home-based business. 

  • I started my business at home in 2016 from the bottom up. 

  • I know a lot about food hygiene, EHO inspections and getting registered as a business

  • I am passionate about safe decorating of cakes and I am a floral expert.

  • I still run my successful wedding cake business from home, which is thriving and making profits. 

  • My background and main career for 13 years was teaching

  • I love helping people and more importantly love sharing the knowledge I have, that has been tried and tested over the years to make my business work. 

Krissy Quinton baking business coach and wedding cake designer

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