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Meet Krissy

Wedding Cake Business Owner

Flower Expert

Baking Business Tutor


I was a hobby baker for at least 4 years before I took the plunge to register with my local council - boy was it a big step for me and it was so daunting! 

I was already a part time secondary school teacher (teaching design technology and catering), but I loved all things baking! I subscribed to the cake decorating magazine to get all the freebie tools, followed youtube tutorials, and became a little addicted to trying new cake decorating skills all the time. I would make birthday cakes for family and friends, donate cupcakes to charity events or just bake and decorate cakes for my own pleasure. I started to get some public enquiries and knew that if I wanted to start making some money from this hobby, that I would need to make it official and register. 

I did have the knowledge needed to pass an EHO inspection, and I had already completed my level 2 food hygiene certificate for my teaching job. However, I did NOT have anyone to guide me through starting a baking business and explain how a business should run. It took me some time to find my feet, but I did it.

I now run a successful wedding cake business - Primrose Cakesthat is still run out of my home, providing me with a wage and profits that I can put back into my business with ease. 

Krissy the baking business coach
the baking business lounge advice coaching and resources

Working with me...

My expertise:

  • Starting a baking business from home

  • Getting through an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) inspection

  • Passing a food hygiene certificate

  • Knowing how to handle allergens

  • Working with fresh flowers safely

  • Business finances (including self assessment & tax return)

  • Using Canva for business marketing

I have recently worked with the FSA to provide feedback on their Floristry and Food guidance document (due for release Spring 24).

I offer a range of tutorials, resources and courses to suit what you need to start your business and keep your business running smoothly. 

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